Used Harnesses

Dynamic Flight make and stock many used harnesses. Our current stock is listed below. Come by and try one on!

For further information on any of the harnesses listed below please contact Rohan on 0409 678 734 or via email

Moyes Harness

Price: $350.00 AUD
Small Tracer Flex. Front mount parachute. Teal & purple. Like new.
Shoulder height 138cm-142cm
Chest 97cm
Hips 103cm

Black Hawk Harness

Price: $150.00 AUD
Front entry pod, small frame. Blue, rainbow & yellow trim.
Suit large pilot

NRG Powered Harness

Price: $8450.00 AUD
Folding prop, blow-in electric start, internal tank, fuel level warning lights, carbon back plates.  The latest version, brand new.  With current exchange rate these harnesses would cost over $9,200 each.

1 x M/L
1 x M

Mozzie NRG Powered Harness

Price: $4450.00 AUD
Blue, electric start & charger, mouth & hand throttle, folding prop, prop brake, chute deployment cut-off, intake silencer, external tank. Medium

Mosquito A10 Powered Harness

Price: $2150.00 AUD
Grey & Charcoal. Work required on prop brake and exhaust pipe. Pull start. Runs well


Price: $1100.00 AUD
Custom made and hardly flown. Black & royal blue.  Suit pilot with shoulder height 155cm and chest 117cm.  As new $1100


Price: $600.00 AUD
Black & royal blue.  Built 2003.  Right hand side parachute pocket, hook knife fitted.  Suit pilot with shoulder height 160cm, chest 116cm.  $600

Steinbach Delta Fun Air

Price: $300.00 AUD
Suit pilot with shoulder height 145-150cm, chest 95-105cm.  $300

Skyline Zero Drag Racer

Price: $700.00 AUD
2005 build.  DHV certified.  Carbon backplate with butt triggered head up/down adjustment, internal butt mount parachute.  Non adjustable opening leg loops.  Black with blue & yellow trim.  $700

Sky Systems front mount pod

Price: $100.00 AUD
Red with black & rainbow trim.  Suit pilot with shoulder height 145-155 and chest up to 110cm.  Front mount parachute.  $100