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How To Crash

Rob Wenban   So you’ve forgotten all the lessons about landing setup, you’ve misjudged the wind direction, you’ve stalled in the final turn…. you’re going in, an up close and personal meeting with Mother Nature, you are about to crash. So, what now hot shot? You have a death grip on the uprights, your body […]

Weak Links

In all aviation the pilot is usually the weakest link… The purpose of a weak link is solely to prevent the tow force from increasing to a point that the glider can be stressed close to or beyond its structural limits. Lockouts can and do occur without increasing tow tension up until the point where […]

Tow Bridles

I love hang gliding. For me there is nothing that can compare to the joy of a quality cross country flight. Like many pilots I have discovered the easiest way of achieving this is by going towing. It’s been four years now since Rohan Holtkamp taught me how to ground tow. Since that time I’ve […]


Lockout. A word to send a tingle up even the most gung-ho pilots spine. Before we go on to look at lockouts in detail a brief description of the theory behind modern towing will be of great benefit. We all owe a lot to Donnel Hewitt, a physics professor and pilot, who in the late […]