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Buying a Used Hang Glider

By G.W. Meadows You’ve been on the hill for a few days now and this hang gliding stuff is starting to look like a something that could turn into a hobby. You’re definitely going to have to give it some serious thought. One of the most important folks have to consider is the cost, and […]

Mid-air collisions

Do you know that pilots need a total of 12.5 seconds to avoid a collision? This is the time an American military study concluded was necessary to avoid a collision. That’s an awful lot of time! In 12.5 seconds two gliders on a head on collision course traverse 250-700 metres depending on their combined airspeeds. […]

The three skills of a graceful landing.

Whilst at the landing paddock the other day, I couldn’t help but notice that some pilots fail to land gently, instead they just “arrive” at the ground. In fact this is not just a localised occurrence, you will see it happen now and again all around the world. Have a look at the Brazil video. Many people […]

History of Australian Hang Gliding Competitions

Australian Open Hang Gliding Championships Contributed and updated by Ian Jarman Just as the sport as a whole has made rapid progress from its Australian beginnings behind the boats of the Water Ski and Kite Flyers Association, the objectives and style of our National Championships has also evolved.  1976-1980 Steve Moyes, Rick Duncan, Equal Tim […]